Paula Cuthbert is an established certified therapist with over 20 years of experience, providing Systematic Kinesiology, Reflexology, VHT, The Emotion & Body Code and Reiki.

Offering her magic to help people rebalance their whole being, structurally,
emotionally, nutritionally and mentally. She can help clients more effectively if each person commits to taking responsibility for improving their own health regime. She to offers a safe, private and personal service, attuned to your individual needs.

Systematic Kinesiology

One of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies.  It's a natural healthcare system using muscle testing to identify what the body needs, restoring health and well -being.  Through precise muscle testing she is able to establish bespoke treatments, including nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes, firm reflex massage, flower remedies, emotional support and gentle structural realignment.

Vibro-muscular Harmonisation Technique ( VHT )

A safe non diagnostic energy discipline consisting of a series of non-invasive procedures performed on connective tissue which assists & re-educates the body in finding balance & achieving the ideal state of
homeostasis. Thus, the body using its’ innate wisdom is encouraged to work
at its maximum in addressing positively any problem or disease that it may
or may not have.  VHT may be looked upon quite simply as a bodywork gift
from the practitioner to the client - it is given to the body with love, integrity
& intent

The Emotion & Body Code

The Emotion Code is based on the fact that everything is energy, including
our emotions. It can be used on its own, as 95% of many issues both
emotional or physical, are a result of Trapped Emotions. The Body Code
encompasses Energy, Circuit/System (including organs, glands, chakras,
meridians,) toxins, pathogens, misalignment and nutrition as well as Lifestyle.

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