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Bach™ Original Flower Remedy Impatiens 20ml

Bach™ Original Flower Remedy Impatiens 20ml

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The Bach™ Original Flower Remedies - and flower-based essences were developed by Dr Edward Bach for emotional wellbeing in everyday lives. 

The complete system is designed to assist you in understanding and balancing your emotions through an individual and personal approach. Nelsons pride themselves on using the Original Bach Flower Remedies and continue to produce the remedies essences using Dr Bach's original methods, so always look out for the Bach signature.

Feeling: You feel impatient with the slow pace of people or things.

The positive potential of Impatiens is patience, to think and act less hastily.

Flower extracts of Impatiens in Grape alcohol (approx. 27% v/v).

Single remedy use: Add two drops to water and sip at intervals.  Take four drops of minimum  four times a day.


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