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Sleep Dharma Calm Balm 20g

Sleep Dharma Calm Balm 20g

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Sleep Dharma Calm Balm 20g

Re-center in moments of physical or emotional unrest with this soul-soothing, therapeutic remedy.Description

Rare adaptogens of ashwaganda, brahmi and chamomile combine with a sacred trio of clarifying clary sage, uplifting bergamot and grounding jasmine to invite a gentle exhale from the stresses of modern living. Keep this faithful support close at hand to deepen daily yoga and meditation practice, deskside to diminish fatigue and beside to relax an over-active mind.

A fusion of the finest adaptogens and therapeutic oils crafted to calm the nervous system and balance the circadian rhythms.Ritual

Stop, clear all distractions and reclaim your calm. Massage a smear of the mood-altering balm onto palms and pulse points of the wrists, chest, neck and backs of ears, before inhaling, exhaling and letting go. Notice tension, mind chatter and brain fog melt away as you revive, re-center and relax.


bergamot + lime +
roman chamomile + jasmine +
geranium + palmarosa +
brahmi + ashwaghanda +
clary sage + vetiver + vitamin E

Free from parabens & synthetic fragrance.

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