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Beauty Formula (Capsules) 30 day supply

Beauty Formula (Capsules) 30 day supply

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A blend of 48 of the most effective nutritional compounds proven to combat skin concerns, support collagen and hydration levels and strengthen hair and nails. This award-winning supplement provides total body support from hormones to digestion, addressing the underlying causes of problem skin, whilst supplementing your body with everything it needs to glow.

Additional benefits:

✹ Clear & bright complexion
✹ Stronger hair & nails
✹ Helps to combat hormonal breakouts
✹ Helps with problem skin
✹ Helps with fine lines, dark circles, & anti-ageing
✹ Supports hormones & gut health



-GlowCutis® - At Beauty Formula’s core is EQUI’s proprietary GlowCutis® blend, a collagen-stimulating, antioxidant powerhouse to nourish skin, hair and nails. Containing Hyaluronic Acid, Type 1 Marine Collagen petides, Zinc, Vit C, Pine Bark Extract, Resveratrol & Silica, which work together to support every stage of the skin cell cycle, strengthening and helping to counteract premature skin ageing.

- Collagen - Our collagen is derived from seafood that is sourced sustainably and is free from hormones and chemicals. We use hydrolysed, type 1 collagen peptides that are 2000Daltons - the lowest molecular weight to ensure maximum bio-availability. These perfuse your skin to fight ageing and create a supple & more elastic complexion. Collagen also supports your all-important gut health, as well as nourishing joints, hair and nails.

-Acerola Cherry: A powerful and natural source of Vitamin C to aid collagen production*. 

-Adaptogenic Herbs + Vitamin B6: Supports the regulation of hormonal activity*.

- Advanced Multivitamins + Minerals: A female-specific and skin targeted spectrum of bio-available vitamins and minerals. 

B-vitamins, Magnesium and Iron: Reduces tiredness + fatigue*. 

- Biotin, Selenium, Niacin: Maintains epidermal cell health for the maintenance of normal skin*. 

-Glutamine: Enhances immunity and may help to control intestinal permeability ('leaky gut'). 

- Vegan Probiotics: Support digestive health and help to diminish water retention 

- Superberries: Highly nourishing, antioxidant rich plant based goodness, to support the whole body and aid cleansing. 

- Turmeric Extract: Reduces swollen and sore areas and enhances gut health 

- Vitamin C: Boosts collagen formation and contributes to normal skin health*.

- Vitamins D, Zinc and Selenium: Supports the immune system*.

- Zinc: For the maintenance of normal hair, nails, skin and vision*.



Optimal intake 6 capsules per day consumed after a meal. Split over meals if preferred. Store in cool dark place and consume within 3 months once opened. We recommend avoiding hot drinks for 10 minutes before and after taking, to preserve all the natural goodness, active enzymes and probiotics. 

Do not exceed recommended intake or take in place of a healthy diet. If under medical supervision consult a doctor before use. Not suitable for pregnant/breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. 

Please be aware that all Equi London products include an FDA silica sachet which is approved for use with food. The desiccant is non-toxic, and the material is very clearly marked to not eat.

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