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Lumbering Shenanigans

Lumbering Shenanigans Cards

Lumbering Shenanigans Cards

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Toby Wilkins 

The work of artist Toby Wilkins exists in the uncanny valley where the treacherous mountains of technology meet the rolling hills of imagination. 

An award winning filmmaker, photographer, and visual effects artist, Wilkins’ “Unhuman Hearts” series (2023) utilizes a blend of digital collage and artificial intelligence to create otherworldly depictions of human hearts as impossible objects that appear at once sculptural, photographic, and anatomical. Ranging in medium from floral bouquets to hot-rod engines, from jewels to plumage, these mesmerizing depictions question what it means to be human, and the nature of reality, love, and creation at the cutting edge of computer assisted art. 
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