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Menopoised® Embrace Cool Aromatherapy Oil 10ml

Menopoised® Embrace Cool Aromatherapy Oil 10ml

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Thoughtfully created and lovingly blended to refresh, restore and reduce your heat.

Harness the Power of Chinese medicine

Embrace Cool is formulated, according to the principles of Chinese medicine, to help you find your cool. It focuses on your Kidney energy, which declines as you age, and is at the root of menopausal heat.

Ancient Wisdom Ritual

Combine the energy of the oils with the power of Kidney boosting acupressure points for maximum effect. Cover the soles of your feet at bedtime and let the blend do work its magic.

For extra support during the day, smother your palms, rub together and inhale deeply. Take 3 long deep breathes. Embrace Cool.

This perfectly pocket-sized 10ml roller ball helps you Embrace Cool wherever you are.

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