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Pregnancy Formula 30 Day Supply

Pregnancy Formula 30 Day Supply

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From fertility to conception, pregnancy to breastfeeding, our Pregnancy Formula provides 26 of the finest ingredients for comprehensive and specialist support for every stage of motherhood. A tailored blend of the most premium ingredients at their optimal levels to boost fertility and support healthy pregnancy for mother and baby.

Additional benefits:

✹ Fertility, pre & post-natal wellbeing 
✹ Foetal brain development 
✹ More balanced hormones
✹ Skin, hair & nail health



- Advanced Multivitamin and Mineral Blend: A comprehensive spectrum of bio-available vitamins + minerals calibrated for optimum female health 

- B-Vitamin Blend: Supports energy* and the regulation of hormonal activity*

- Ginger Root: A natural well-used remedy for sickness and nausea 

- FerroChel® Iron: Energising and helps to reduce fatigue during and after pregnancy. In a gentle form that is less constipating 

- Methyl-folate: A natural, healthier form of folic acid, which supports normal development of the foetus and reduces risk of neural tube defects*. Folate is also needed for the process of cell division and for the formation of normal blood. 

- Vitamin D3: Vital during pregnancy for both Mother and baby. Also supports immunity*, mental health and gut microbiome. Aids calcium and phosphorus absorption to help ensure your teeth, muscles and immune system stay healthy during pregnancy. This addition prevents the need for further supplementation.

- Selenium: Supports healthy thyroid function, helps keep your hair, nails and immune system healthy during pregnancy*. 

- TRAACS® Manganese, Zinc: Special chelated forms of minerals from the USA, which have superior absorption and no adverse side effects. Supports fertility*, immunity* and energy*. 

- VitaCholine™️: Shown to support neural tube and brain development and may play a role in preventing birth defects. 

- Vitamin C + Iron: Supports immunity* and energy*. 

- Calcium: For normal muscle function and to help keep your bones and teeth maintained, also needed for the metabolism of energy*. 

- Vitamin K2: Essential for helping to build healthy bones in baby, and supporting Mum’s bone health. 

- CoQ-10: Shown to help improve fertility, cell metabolism, support ovary health as well as helping energy and mental clarity for Mum.



Take x4 Pregnancy Formula capsules per day after a meal. Dose can be split between meals. Ideally take for at least three months prior to conception, through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Store in cool dark place. 

Do not exceed the recommended intake. This product should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet. If under medical supervision consult a doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children. 

We’ve sustainably sourced ingredients of the highest quality and purity. Free from dairy & gluten containing ingredients, yeast, artificial colours, artificial flavours and refined sugar.

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