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The Antioxidant Power of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D receptors are found in just about every cell in the body—meaning D plays a big role in everything from bone, muscle, and immune health to cognition, mood, and even longevity. What’s not to love!

Research is continually proving that vitamin D3 is a key player in many physiological processes tied to living a long, healthy, happy life. Do we need more proof of the incredible benefit s to convince you to take a good quality Vitamin D 3 supplement?

You may think of Vitamin C when the term "antioxidant" is used, but vitamin C needs to share the love. As it turns out, vitamin D is another essential vitamin that's a potent antioxidant, helping to balance mitochondrial activities, good gut health, combat oxidative stress, and can also protect your DNA.  We need sufficient levels of vitamin D3 to reap the benefits of this amazing vitamin.

The problem in the UK is that a large proportion of us just don’t have sufficient levels. We can't even manage to eat our way to 400 I.U. of this essential micronutrient each day and especially in the wet winter months with sunshine a rare sighting, we need more then that small amount.

There are some foods that can provide us with vitamin D, although it’s challenging to obtain good levels from diet alone. Fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines are high in Vitamin D, mushrooms and cod liver oil also contain levels of Vitamin D. Many food products say they are fortified with ‘Vitamin D, however, food fortification typically uses vitamin D2 which isn’t well absorbed or utilised by the body. 

Children, teenagers and older adults need adequate levels of vitamin D,3 so their bodies can make use of  the vitamin when it's needed for most antioxidant actions, bone growth and other vital activities. When vitamin D levels are sufficient, though, this sunshine vitamin becomes a dynamic free-radical-fighting superhero among a team of antioxidant avengers.

Additionally, sufficient levels of vitamin D support mitochondrial resilience (you know, that energy powerhouse organelle in our cells) and endocrine functions. This, in turn, promotes healthy energy metabolism, hormone activity and balance, and longevity.

A healthy vitamin D level supports oxidative stress balance and antioxidant activity, muscle health, cognitive function, bone health, and immune function through all stages of life.


Always, consult with your GP or Health care provider before starting a supplement routine.


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