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WellnessWorksWest Bruton are excited to introduce you to Ask
Doctor Annie, where you can get general and educational advice from a wellrespected Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Neurology. MB.BS. DCH., MRCP. She can advise you on a multitude of general queries and guide you on how to get the best out of NHS and your Doctors visits.

DR Annie cannot diagnose or prescribe.

Have a read of her biography below and address your questions to:

Dr Ann Yvonne Coxon MB.BS.., DCH., MRCP - Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Neurology

Dr Ann Coxon attended Medical School at Guys Hospital, one of only three women in a
group of 70 men. The three women had to learn fast how to protect themselves in a male-dominated setting.

After qualifying she worked in a circuit of different London Hospitals. Her final training was at the Hammersmith, Great Ormond Street, Queen Square and Barts. She worked as a GP in the country while raising children, then returned to London. Dr Coxon did Postgraduate training in America at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, and on return was appointed Consultant at the Royal Free in London for ten years. After years of dedication to the NHSshe realised the increasing bureaucracy was making it impossible to serve her patients in the way they deserved, so she left to go into the Private Sector.

She had a successful medical Practice in Harley Street for over 40 years. She cares for people from all walks of life, from royalty and celebrities to people with no means to pay, who need guidance on how to get the best out of the NHS or natural therapies. Dr Coxon, is much loved and respected by all.

*photo credit: Jon Smith | Founder | Outline Photos

Dr Coxon says: “I have watched a huge change in the practice of medicine. A lot is brilliant
and life changing, but there are worrying signs of a decline in care. The understanding of the
genetic basis of disease has revolutionised medicine, with cures for some inherited disorders
and cancers never thought possible. Orthopaedic surgery transforms lives and surgery for
heart disease is miraculous. Antibiotics, once thought a wonder drug, are now taken for
granted. But Mental Health services are struggling, waiting lists extending indefinitely, and
the increasing cost of medicine (some of it unnecessary bureaucracy) has come at a time of
political need to reduce funding. This has caused a falling standard of care and impersonal
protocol driven management. For the first time some treatments are only available if you can
pay. Health care is no longer a human right, but is becoming a privilege for the rich, which
upsets me deeply”.

So many diseases have their origins in our life styles, and we can make a big difference to our
own health by taking it seriously. People need to help themselves and help each other. The
value of nutrition, exercise, good quality sleep, and laughter should not be underestimated.
We should belong to a community in which we are recognised and not locked behind doors in
fearful solitude. Shared enjoyment of sport, art, singing, cooking, dancing, spirituality, and so
much more gives a value to our lives which is reflected in health outcomes. We need to
regain control of our own destiny in health.

“The advice given on this website is of a general nature for informational and educational purposes only, and not a substitute for the professional diagnosis, management and
treatment by your Medical Practitioner. If you have concern about specific issues in your health these must be discussed with your Doctor. “

Dr. Annie Coxon, nor WellnessWorksWest Bruton Ltd. will not diagnose any conditions, nor prescribe any medicine, or be held responsible for any outcomes from the advice given.