The Power of Good Posture

The Power of Good Posture

• Good posture is exercise. 


• By standing tall with your shoulders back, you instantly look younger and slimmer, and fascinating research has found that you can actually change your hormonal balance simply by changing the way you stand, sit, and walk.


• Holding your stomach and bottom (squeeze both in) as you stand, sit, and walk also helps keep muscles firm and protects your back.


• Good posture (no slouching allowed) also gives you an air of confidence as you stand or move.


• When sitting on a chair, place your hands on armrests or on your lap, opening up your chest and neck held high. Sit upright, and don’t lean forward.


• When standing, shoulders back and down, feet straight but slightly apart, back straight, and head aligned with your spine. (and a smile always helps.)


• Let your hands relax with open fingers rather than a tense, clenched tight fist.


• Try not to clutch your hands together or hold your hands to your chest.


• Always hold your chest proud and tall and feel your back muscles working.


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