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Ancient & Brave

Cacao + Reishi

Cacao + Reishi

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250g (approx 25 servings)

This delicious raw cacao brew with balancing ashwagandha, warming hops and reishi mushroom crafted to transport you into a state of tranquillity in your Rest Ritual.


This vegan ‘healthy hot chocolate’ brings together ingredients each carefully selected to help bring some serenity as you wind down with nutrient diverse baobab and a blend of beetroot and chicory for a deep rich flavour.


Add 10g Cacao + Reishi powder to a cup and mix with a little hot water. Then stir in a warm milk of your choice. 

Blend with 1 tsp of our True MCT oil for a next level brew to help power you through the day. 

Create your own Rest Ritual by making each drink with care, sipping this blend mindfully, and setting an intention. 

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