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Saltee Sean & Sun Formula Face 50ml

Saltee Sean & Sun Formula Face 50ml

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SPF50 Face Sea & Sun Formula is ultra-high, naturally derived UVA and UVB protection for the face. Its super light formula absorbs in seconds which makes it perfect for those warm summer days and it helps to combat hyper-pigmentation.  Get your extra dose of hydration from Cucumber extract which cools and soothes the skin leaving your skin protected, hydrated and nourished.

Venuceane (sourced from the ocean) counters photo damage and is anti-ageing. UV and IR radiation protection combating the sun’s harmful rays

Cucumber extract for skin hydration – your skin will drink it in

Nordic pine bark helps combat and prevent hyper-pigmentation giving you a fresh faced Scandi-sheen

Birch water is packed full with healthy amino acids to hydrate and protect the skin

Step 1
 Apply a generous dab of Saltee to your face 15 minutes before sun exposure
Step 2 Once absorbed (this takes no time at all) you are sun ready – find that sunny spot

Step 3 Re-apply approximately every two hours or touch up after a swim

Step 4 and repeat


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